My name is Dieter Brader.

I'm a Digital Mindshifter and generate Digital Mindsets and Digital Business with impact.


I love business innovations, leading digital business and digital media projects, newsrooms, data science, marketing, workflows, teams and people.


...and I love whales and Christmas!


My targets are making great jobs, making happy people and generating impact.


As a Systemic Coach and Scrum Master I'm leading and shifting organizations and teams through the post digital transformation age.


With my Startup-Mindset I'm currently driving business by leading the digital business analytics and business development department in the Data Media Center at the WKÖ.


I'm holding a Masters degree in Mediatechnology. Currently I'm upskilling with a Master-Degree in Digital Business and a certification in Integrated Communications.


I'm very thankful my work finds appreciation in awards like Dr.-Karl-Renner-Preis , Medien Zukunftspreis, Kärntner des Tages and Student of the year.


What else? I love my family, my cat, sports, especially running, biking and yoga as well as travelling and exploring new things and cultures.


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Being customer-centric is more than a one-off marketing campaign. It has to be your company culture.