My name is Dieter Brader and I'm a Digital Mindshifter.

Dieter Brader

As Business Developer I'm developing Digital Business with products, content, innovations, data and workflows in newsrooms.

Head of Business Development and Analytics (Austrian Economic Chambers)

Lectoring Digital Business, Newsroom-Management, Digital Marketing, Data Journalism (FH OÖ Hagenberg, FH Wiener Neustadt, Werbeakademie)

Preparing for Half-Marathon (Berlin, Vienna, Kärnten und Graz 2023/24)

WKÖ (Business Development, Business Analytics in the DMC)

Red Bull (Business Development 'Addendum', Data Journalism, Content)

Digital Mindshift (Entrepreneur: Digital Business)

neuwal (Entrepreneur: Digital Journalism, Digital Media)

Electrolux (Digital Strategy CEE)

Hewlett-Packard (Global Digital Strategy USA/EMEA)

Hewlett-Packard (Country Manager Digital Marketing EMEA)

Lectoring (Universities)

PULS 4 (TV-Show 'Die Qual der Wahl')

FCB Kobza (Account Management)

Master in 'Digital Business' (Technikum Vienna Academy/MSc)

Master in 'Mediatechnology' (FH OÖ Hagenberg/Dipl.-Ing.)

Certificate in 'Integrated Communications' (FH Campus Vienna)

Scrum Master Certificate (WIFI)

Professional Speaker-Training (Daniela Zeller)

Diploma in Systemic Coaching and Org. Development (ASO)

Diploma in 'Tourism and Marketing' (Tourismusschulen Villach)

A-levels (Bundeshandelsakademie I Klagenfurt)

Student of the year (FH OÖ Hagenberg)

Dr.-Karl-Renner-Publizistikpreis (Österreichischer Journalisten Club, Online)

Medien Zukunftspreis (Österreichische Medientage, Kategorie: Mensch)

Journalismuspreis (Extranet)

Kärntner des Tages (Kleine Zeitung)

weitere Industriepreise (WebAd, etc.)


Currently I'm developing and managing Digital Media Business in the Corporate Mediahouse Data Media Center at the WKÖ.


As a Systemic Coach and Scrum Master I'm shifting organizations, products and teams through the post digital transformation age.


I love managing and driving digital projects, realizing them with great teams and lots of fun...


...and I love whales and Last Christmas!


I'm holding a masters-degree in Mediatechnology, another masters-degree in Digital Business and a certification in Integrated Communications.


I'm very thankful my work finds appreciation in awards like Dr.-Karl-Renner-Preis , Medien Zukunftspreis, Kärntner des Tages and Student of the year.


What else? I love my family, my cat, sports, especially running, biking and yoga as well as travelling and exploring new things and cultures.


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